Goroo Custom Car Mats – Australian’s Favourite Car Mats

 Designed with style, Crafted with care, Tailored by love

Fully Customised
  • Just like you decorate your home with door mats, Goroo Car Mat decorates your car
  • Fully customised for over 95% of Australia car models
  • Stylish design. Six colours to choose
  • Enhance your in car experience
Six Popular Colours
  • 6 popular colours
    • Black and Grey
    • Black and Red
    • Black
    • Brown and Beige
    • Orange and Beige
    • Purple
  • More colours and designs coming soon

“I bought a set of black and red Goroo custom mats for my new Mazda 3. It perfectly matches the black interior. Now everyone in my family uses Goroo mats for cars.”

Helen, Mazda 3, 2015

“I love Goroo car mats. It is much cheaper than the factory made one but so much better in quality. It kept my car clean all the time and it looks fantastic! “

Emily, Audi A5, 2014

“I drove my Subaru Liberty after work and over weekends as a Uber driver. The black/grey Goroo car mats looks great in the car. All my customers love it too.”

Andy, Subaru Liberty, 2015
Soft Touching Surface
  • Evenly spread and spaced PVC surface
  • Award winning hot melting surface technology, no glue at all
  • Soft and comfortable, just like rugs
  • Ultra durable
Innovative Dirt-Trap Underlay
  • All dirt, sand and dust will be trapped inside. Keep your car floor clean all the time
  • Extra thick and extra fraction, Goroo Car Mats is anti-slip guaranteed, unlike rubber car mats
  • No need to buckle the mats onto floor
  • Noise cancelling, up to 30%

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